Duties and Responsibilities of an Official Barangay Councilor

7:12pm — October 28, 2013

Along with the Barangay Captain is his associates in managing a Barangay.

Here’s a list of major duties and responsibilities of Barangay councilors under the Local Government Code of the Philippines. 

The legislative body of the Barangay is composed of the following:

1.  Presiding Officer – Punong Barangay 

2. Members 

     a. Seven (7) regular Sangguniang Barangay  elected at large 

     b. Sangguniang Kabataan chairman


The above-mentioned shall perform their power, duties, and functions as the legislative body of the Barangay.


Other Duties of Sangguniang Barangay Members

In addition to their duties as members of the Sangguniang Barangay

  •  Assist the Punong Barangay in the discharge of his duties and functions; 
  •  Act as peace officers in the maintenance of public order and safety; and 
  • Perform such other duties and functions as the Punong Barangay may delegate.
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