Getting Part A and B of Medicare if you are getting benefits from social security or RRB

There are many different Medicare supplement plans available to ensure that we are able to get the desired healthcare benefits. Each of these plans is offering a unique set of benefits to have the best possible healthcare. It will help in ensuring that all the health care costs are covered under the Medicare Supplement Plans which we are purchasing.

Two parts are available of the 2019 Medicare supplement plans. Each of them is designed to provide a specific set of benefits. One should, therefore, have a look at the provided benefits to select the right kind of plan for them. It will help them to ensure that the maximum cost which they incur for their healthcare is covered by the respective plan which they have selected.

Getting the Part A and B if benefits are obtained from social security or RRB

It is important to know initially the process by which one can obtain the desired plan. This will help in ensuring that we get the desired plan on time and even we are able to get maximum benefits of them. There are some special offers obtained if you are getting benefits from some of the organization like Social Security and Railroad Recruitment Board (RRB). They will allow you to automatically get enrolled in Plan A and B of the Medicare.

When you automatically get enrolled and your birthday is on the first of this month then your plan will start from the first of the earlier month. Most of the people who get enrolled in this opt for Part A when they turn 65. Though there are few of the people who are also opting for Plan B. It is also required to choose the Medicare Advantage Plan and/or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Plan while you are getting your Medicare coverage.

To get all these plans there are only specific times available. You can’t make changes to the plans which you have already opted. If you opt for a certain plan later than the specific period then you would be required to pay penalty based on the time period for which you are late.


Thus, we can say that if you are having benefits from the Special Security or RRB then you will automatically get enrolled in Part A and B of your Medicare coverage. It will help you to get all the benefits which are involved in the respective plans. Even it is required to enrol in these plans or select them within a certain timeframe specified by them.