Side Income Ideas

Some of the best ways to spend your extra time during retirement are to get paid to do simple things you love to do that don’t even feel like work. Everyone wants to make sure they always have money coming in, follow some of these ideas if you want to make sure you continue to live comfortably as well.


After you have gotten your insurance in order with Medicare supplement plans, you should have a good foundation in place to start making money. No matter what your interests are, there are a variety of ways to offer your services for cash. If you are an animal lover, you can occupy your time watching and walking dogs for people in your neighborhood while they work or when they go on vacation.


Start a landscaping company and spend all day out in the beautiful weather mowing lawns, planting trees and flowers, and painting fences or siding. If you really love landscaping you might try your hand building stone walls, gardens, fountains, or planting beds for people. Perhaps you are somewhat of a handyman and have a knack for fixing anything that is broken around the house. Offer your skills to everyone in the neighborhood and become the neighborhood handyman.

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If numbers are more your thing, many businesses would love to have a bookkeeper to take the burden of crunching numbers off their plate so they can focus on running their business instead. Make up some simple business cards, throw together a website, and start marketing yourself to the businesses in your neighborhood and beyond. Many CPA firms will most likely have plenty of names they would like to give you so that they don’t have to do the bookkeeping for them anymore.

Coaching is another simple small business to start up. You are probably passionate about at least one thing in particular in life, you might even be a subject matter expert in it. Offer your knowledge to the public by either teaching or becoming a specific kind of coach. Many people are always looking for specific advice from financial coaches, life coaches, public speaking, creative design, writing, or engineering. You can teach or coach by going to your customers’ houses or meeting somewhere in between, or you can even record yourself teaching and post it online, or do a video call with your customer to coach them live, but remotely if you have to.