Our Top Picks For Must See Nature Documentaries

It isn’t always easy to reconnect with nature in our developed and technologically driven world. Luckily we now have access to a wealth of amazing nature documentaries that can bring the wonders of the wild world into our homes. From the highest peaks of the world to the deepest depths of the ocean. Today we are going to be looking at some of the most amazing nature documentaries that you simply have to see!

Fantastic Fungi

You might not know this but the largest living organism on the planet is actually a mushroom named Armillaria ostoyae. There is one network of this fungus in Oregon that occupies over 3.7 square miles and weighs nearly 35,000 tons. Shocking, right? Well if you liked that fact you will love the documentary Fantastic Fungi.

Available to stream on Netflix, Fantastic Fungi is a deep dive into the most curious living organisms on the planet. Mushrooms. The documentary is a trip throughout human history dating back to our earliest ancestors. It shows how mushrooms were pivotal in our own evolution. And it dives into the important role mycelial networks play in every aspect of nature.

The documentary also takes a look at how our own lives can still be improved by mushrooms. Research being carried out with psychedelic mushrooms has shown promising results in helping people manage a number of diseases and ailments such as depression, PTSD, stuttering, and much more.


There are a few sights in nature more awe inspiring than the great wildebeest migration. And National Geographic has managed to capture this annual migration of more than two million wildebeest in amazing form. Spanning six episodes, you will see how this huge migration changes the landscape of the Serengeti and affects all the species that call it home.

The series follows the migration from start to finish. While the emphasis is on the Wildebeest and their young, the show takes the time to look at the various species that join the migration such as Gazelles and Zebras. And, of course, the predators that thrive from the movement of these species such as Lions and Crocodiles.

The series has an adventure feeling to it as we watch the documentarists navigate across the Serengeti with minimal resources. There are plenty of heartwarming moments too, including a group of Cheetah cubs lounging around a safari vehicle.

Planet Earth

One of the most consistently amazing documentary series out there. Planet Earth now has three seasons, each of which covers an amazing array of animals and environments. Produced by the BBC, the series actually began with Blue Planet back in 2001, which put its focus onto the world oceans and the life that dwells within.

Each installment is narrated by David Attenborough who has made a name for himself as one of the greatest nature documentarists and eco warriors of our generation. His smooth voice paired with the stunning visuals of Planet Earth makes for very relaxing watching.

The latest installment, Planet Earth III, made use of ground-breaking technology to capture some of the most stunning shots ever seen in a nature documentary. Including the first ever onboard shot of a southern right whale. This series covered a wide range of environments and even dedicated an episode to looking at humans and the locales where humanity and wildlife live in harmony.

A big part of the Planet Earth series has always been looking at the effects global warming is having on our world. And Planet Earth 3 brings this to the forefront in every episode. Without being heavy handed the show highlights the dangers we are facing if we don’t make a serious change in regards to the climate crisis.

Penguin Town

What if I told you that there was a town where penguins and humans lived side by side. And, if anything, the penguins are the real celebrities of this town? Well this is the premise for Penguin Town. The series focuses on the endangered African Penguins in Simon’s Town, South Africa. In this town penguins are a protected species and, as such, are given free reign to navigate the town in the same way you might see a cat wandering around your street.

The documentary is informative and hilarious. Narrated by comedian Patton Oswalt, each of the focal penguins is given character and charm through his dialogue. A big emphasis is placed on the breeding season, which is why the penguins have come to town. Competition for territory and food are at the forefront.

The documentary also highlights the amazing conservational efforts carried out in Simon’s Town. The many penguins are watched over and cared for by activists. Ensuring they live on for generations to come. Penguin Town is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an engaging, yet friendly documentary.

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