Smooth Ways to Pick Up Any Sporty Guy

If you are a lover of sports, then you may have fantasies about your favorite sportsperson. You’re not alone! Most people will confess to having a liking for their favorite celebrity.

But wait a minute! What makes the sports guys stand out from the crowd? Is it their dress code or general appeal? Of course, it’s no secret that these guys make loads of cash, therefore can afford anything under the blue sky.

But is that all? And if you came across one, how would you react? Remember it may be an opportunity of a lifetime and thus, you’d want a smooth line to pickup a conversation. Most people fret on their first encounter and end up regretting it later on.

Luckily, I’ve whittled down some smooth ways to pick up any sporty guy. Read on to discover.

Approach them in a friendly way

When you see a cute guy at the gym, don’t be afraid to say hello. Talk to him about something casual and not related to the gym. This can help put him at ease and make him more receptive when you ask for his number.
You might say, “Hey, I love your shoes! Where did you get them from?” or “I saw your workout earlier today, and I didn’t know people could do that many push-ups!” This way, the tension will go away and you can engage in a friendly conversation.

Get to know him

Once you’ve exchanged numbers with a sporty guy, try to get to know him better before deciding he can make a good friend. You can do this by asking him about his favorite sports and hobbies.

If he is willing, suggest seeing him play or trying out a new sport together. This will help you gauge whether or not this is someone you want to spend more time with and if he is right for you.

Get your sweat on

Don’t be afraid to break a sweat, whether you’re on your way to work, taking a stroll through the park, or headed out for an evening jog. You never know what hottie might notice your sexy side-eye as you run past him in your sporty wear.

Your sporty guy will be attracted to the natural beauty of hard work and exercise.

Keep it light and breezy

The best part about working out with an athletic guy is that he’s not going to judge you when you’re hunched over out of breath at the end of your workout. Instead, he’ll probably be impressed by how dedicated you are to staying fit!

Don’t worry so much about how you look while you’re exercising or playing a sport. Instead, focus on having fun with your friends while tossing.

Support his team

Even if there aren’t any games scheduled between now and when you see him again, wearing athletic gear is still a great idea because it can help you fit in with his crowd and show that you care about what matters most to him — namely, his sport of choice.

If all else fails, wear your high school or college shirt or sweater; he’ll appreciate seeing that you’re showing support for another team, even if it isn’t his favorite squad.


You can do many things to endear yourself to a guy who’s into sports. Just approach him friendly, get to know him, and support his team. Try as much as you can to keep it light and breezy during the conversation and get your sweat on. Now, you can conveniently pick up any sporty guy! Now that you have the tips at your fingertips, go ahead and pick up your favorite sporty guy. Good luck!

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